Snowlife Heated Gloves and Mitten


Package content

  • 1 pair Heat DT Glove or 1 pair Heat DT Mitten
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 universal charger with USB cable

Price: CHF 349.- 319.- / € 295.-

2 years warranty



Cold hands? These electrically heated gloves are the perfect solution. They are recommended for extremely cold conditions as well as for very light activity level, where wearer generates/builds minimal body heat.

Snowlife – established in 1973 – is the N°1 Swiss glove brand and has been producing high-quality heated gloves for more than 20 years.

Heat power is provided by 2 small incorporated batteries with adjustable power. From their invisible wrist pocket, Powerpacks batteries supply warmth during the entire day (up to 13 hours) to the thin heating elements running along the upper part of each finger.

Impulse control stimulates blood circulation.
Extremely quickly rechargeable (2-3 hours).
Worldwide usage.


Outer layer: Soft Shell and DD goat skin.
Filling: Lavalan® - the wool insulation is a fibrefill made from 100% natural and renewable raw materials, virgin wool and corn-based PLA. Quite often synthetic materials are used to insulate clothing, whereas nature already offers highly functional and complex raw materials like wool. Wool is able to uptake and release moisture vapour while being water-repellent at the same time. This makes lavalan highly breathable, quick drying and keeps you warm even when wet or sweating. Since wool is thermoregulating it also provides a cooling effect and prevents one from overheating. So wool is able to always deliver comfortable, cozy warmth regardless of activity levels or altering temperatures. Another important aspect is the odor neutralization. Since wool wicks moisture away, it can never build up the bacteria that causes bad odours, which makes lavalan the perfect wadding for a longer use without unnecessary washing.
Lining: Micro Bemberg® - is a very comfortable breathable cotton linter fiber with silky texture and luster. Its micro pores quickly absorb moisture and release it to the outside, thus effectively reducing clinging and interior dampness.
Membrane: Dry-Tec® layer guarantees waterproofness, windproofness and breathability.


The heatable gloves are ideal for extreme conditions: as ski gloves, for paragliding, hang gliding, snowmobile or winter motorbike driving, but also for long staying in the cold without moving. Already without using the electrical heat they offer an efficient protection against cold, wind and moisture. Snowlife Heatable gloves are also very appreciated by people affected by the Raynaud's syndrome.

Additional information can be found here in the instructions for use.

Snowlife Heated Gloves
Snowlife Heated Mitten
Snowlife Heated Gloves

Models and sizes

Available in lady or man model - 5 fingers or mitten - Colour black.

Ladies sizes:

  • LXS= 6
  • LS= 6.5
  • LM= 7
  • LL= 7.5
  • LXL= 8

Men size:

  • MS= 8
  • MM= 8.5
  • ML= 9
  • MXL= 10
  • MXXL= 11

The following references might be helpful to determine the correct glove size: Glove size Snowlife - Hand size chart - Hand size table