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Tandem paragliding flights in Ticino, Switzerland

Find out, with fly&smile pilots, the enormous joy and incomparable sensation of liberty, that only free flight can bring.

Anybody can do it, you just must not weight more than 120 Kg (265 Lb) and be able to run some steps during take-off, no minimum or maximum age (under 18 with parental agreement), no certificate required and you don’t need any particular preparation. With your pilot, who owns a federal certificate expressly issued for passenger transportation, you will soar in maximum safety above Ticino's most gorgeous mountains, in company with swallows and eagles.

It's possible to fly throughout the year. From spring to autumn we obviously have the best conditions, but also during the winter we can make great flights. We can usually fly from 9AM to 5PM from different locations in Ticino: from Monte Lema (region Lugano-Malcantone), from Monte Tamaro (region Rivera-Monte Ceneri), from Monte Generoso (region Mendrisio) and from Cardada-Cimetta (above Locarno). There's no deadline to book a flight, you can also call the day before. But the pilots might be already busy, it's therefore suitable to contact us at a rather earlier date in order to be guaranteed of our availability. Especially if you want to fly as a couple or as a group. A standard flight costs 200.- CHF and lasts around 30 minutes, depending on the weather conditions. It could also last a bit less if at the very moment there's no thermal activity which allows us to maintain or gain the height, but it could also last more if the conditions are good.

Necessary equipment: warm clothes, wind stopper jacket, trekking shoes, sun glasses. A helmet will be provided. For any further question please call us at any of the numbers below.

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You can also offer a flight as a gift, for any occasion: ask us.

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