Lenz heatable Socks

Lenz, manufacturer of great experience and tradition, ensures consistency in quality and technology.

NEW! The innovative heatable sock for a relaxed winter.

Warm toes - warm feet. With the first Lenz Heat Socks, you will have more fun on cold days. Whether on the slopes, on the soccer field or on your way to work: simply connect the battery to the extended sock cuff, fold it over and your toes are heated at the desired temperature. The Lenz heating technology provides warm feet in any situation.

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The heatable socks are ideal for extreme conditions: as ski socks, for paragliding, hang gliding, snowmobile or winter motorbike driving, but also for long staying in the cold without moving.
Lenz heatable socks are also very appreciated by people affected by the Raynaud's syndrome.

Models available:

  + Heat Sock 1.0                + Heat Sock 1.0 slim fit             + Heat Sock 3.0             + Heat Sock 5.0 toe cap         +Heat Sock 5.0 toe cap slim fit

Heat Sock 1.0Heat Sock 1.0 Slim FitHeat Sock 3.0Heat Sock 5.0 Toe CapHeat Sock 5.0 Toe Cap slim fit

+ All models 1.0 and 5.0 are more suitable to skiing, having reinforcements in critical areas.
+ The model 3.0 is more suitable for use with common footwear
+ The model has heating element which incorporates the entire toe area, heating the toes both from the top and the bottom
+ The models 1.0 slim fit and 5.0 toe tap have a reduced volume and are especially suitable for narrow feet

Material composition:

+ Heat Sock 1.0 and
1.0 slim fit: 49% Polyester, 29% Polyamid, 10% Polypropylen, 7% Merino wool, 5% Elasthan
+ Heat Sock 3.0:
54% Polyester, 29% Polyamid, 7% Merino wool, 5% Polypropylen, 5% Elasthan
+ Heat Sock 5.0 toe cap: 50% Polyester, 30% Polyamid, 15% Merino wool, 3% Polypropylen, 2% Elasthan
+ Heat Sock 5.0 toe cap slim fit: 45% Polyester, 27% Polyamid, 13% Merino wool, 10% Polypropylen, 5% Elasthan

+ Functional sock with integrated heating elements and snap fasteners for attaching any
battery Lithium pack
+ Ultimate moisture transportation thanks to high-quality materials
+ Ergonomic shape and ring bandages ensure a perfect fit
+ Special protectors for your foot
+ Footbed cushioning increases the wear comfort
+ Washable


Size sock

Note: To make this product work you also need a set of rechargeable batteries Lenz Lithium pack (see below).

Batteries for heatable Socks: Lithium pack 700, rcB 1200 and rcB 1800

Freezing temperatures in ice cold boots are a thing of the past - thanks to the innovative foot warming system of Lenz, the company specializing in high-tech, climate and hygiene products. Cold toes have no chance thanks to the heatable Lenz Heat Sock.

Models available:

                Lithium pack 700                                           Lithium pack rcB 1200                               Lithium pack rcB 1800

Lithium pack 700            Lithium pack rcB 1200              Lithium pack sock rcB 1800

+ Lithium pack 700: up to 4 hours, temperature adjustable manually, without remote control
+ Lithium pack
rcB 1200: up to 14 hours, temperature level adjustable remotely with your smartphone Bluetooth
+ Lithium pack rcB 1800: up to 20 hours, temperature level adjustable remotely with your smartphone Bluetooth

+ Fits all models of Lenz Heat
(as well as the Lenz Heat Vest and the Lenz Back Bandage!)
+ The battery is attached on the leg-band of the sock via press studs
+ Ultralight lithium batteries

+ Global charger
100 - 240 V ~ (EU, UK, US, AUS) with charging display
+ Fast charging time
+ Flexible plastic case

Important notice: the heating time depends on the selected heating, ambient temperature and state of charge, as well as on the age of the batteries


+ Heat Sock 1.0:                                                                                                                                          CHF 90.-       EUR 82.-
+ Heat Sock 1.0 lady:                                                                                                                                  CHF 90.-       EUR 82.-
+ Heat Sock 1.0 slim fit:                                                                                                                              CHF 90.-       EUR 82.-
+ Heat Sock 3.0:                                                                                                                                          CHF 90.-       EUR 82.-

+ Heat Sock 5.0 toe cap:                                                                                                                             CHF 105.-     EUR 95.-
+ Heat Sock 5.0 toe cap slim fit:                                                                                                                  CHF 105.-     EUR 95.-

+ Lithium pack 700
(up to 4 hours) / global charger:                                                                                   CHF 115.-     EUR 108.-

+ Lithium pack rcB 1200 (up to 14 hours, adjustable with smartphone) / global charger:                           CHF 200.-     EUR 182.-
+ Lithium pack rcB 1800
up to 20 hours, adjustable with smartphone) / global charger:                           CHF 230.-     EUR 209.-